There are many entrepreneurs who are eager to get into B2B e-commerce trade. But being first timers, they are very much prone to make few mistakes in b2b e-commerce, which they need to avoid to achieve success.

5 B2B eCommerce Mistakes to be Avoided:

  • Poor relationship with clients: This is one major aspect that needs to be considered. The relationship cannot be purchased with money. More revenue can be earned and success achieved in business only if a proper relationship is developed with customers. It would be useful to be in touch with the customers and provide them with value worth their attention and time. Relationships are to carefully developed and nurtured.
  • False assurances: One of the common mistakes made in b2b e-commerce is to overpromise for getting a deal completed. If wrong expectations are created and they are not able to be fulfilled, then this is likely to frustrate the customers. They are sure to lose their faith and trust on the business and keep away from it. Besides hurting the image, the organization would also lose the customers to their competitors. Rather, the marketer needs to play trusted advisor’s role. He should ask for queries from the consumers and listen patiently to what they are saying. Only then can the right platform be set for ensuring better client relationship.
  • Rush the client!: At times, the potential client might take some extra time for learning about the service or product to be purchased. They may want to weigh all the pros & cons carefully. Pushing them to make the deal, would only make the organization to lose such customers to competitors, who may be more willing to accommodate to their demands.
  • Focus more on products and services, instead of meeting customer requirements: The entrepreneur might have spent months and even years trying to develop and market products. However, the customer may not be curious as to what the business has on offer. They are curious to know how the service or product can benefit them. Instead of the features, the focus is to be emphasized more on the benefits offered. The presentation is to be kept straightforward and short.
  • Chaotic behavior: It is crucial to stay loyal to the customers. They are to be approached with full disclosure of the services or products at scheduled time. Multiple communication lines are to be used for reaching the customers.

Thus, by avoiding these mistakes in b2b e-commerce, it is possible to win the hearts of the customers and increase ROI of the business.

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