We live in an epoch where phone companies are scrambling to offer consumers sleeker phones with bigger screens and more features than anyone can ever actually use. Sometimes getting a new cell phone is essential at times— if it’s broken or stolen. However, people mainly just want the latest thing available and are willing to fork more than $700 every year. If you are not one of those people, we’ve rounded up five reasons you must consider buy a used or refurbished phone!

Significant Savings

It’s a no-brainer, a used phone will price considerably less than a new phone. You’ll be able to save anywhere from 50-75% on older models. You’re sure to hitch a best deal and save money on a cell phone if you buy from a reputable dealer!


Everyone wishes to do their part in shielding the environment and the materials used in various electronics products are particularly harmful. Cell phone materials comprise copper, lead and cadmium that can be hazardous if they’re not disposed of properly. In several states, it’s actual legal to throw away your cell phone in the trash! Cell phones are deemed e-waste and must be disposed of properly. You can do your part by buying a refurbished phone and keeping it out of the landfill.

Best Gifts For Children

Kids need a cell phone to be able to talk to their parents as well as friends. They may not, however, be as careful with a pricey cell phone. By buying a used phone, you’ll be able to save bucks and they’ll be able to get a cell phone in the best condition that really isn’t that ‘old’. It’s a win-win situation for child and parent!

Can’t Part With Your Favorite

Sometimes a mobile model arrives and it’s like you’ve never seen such an ideal mobile phone. You love the color, size, shape, and capabilities. It’s the one for you and you wish to treasure it forever! Then you fall it in the toilet and it’s beyond saving. Replace your favorite mobile phone with the exact same model at a fraction of the cost from purchasing it in-store.

Evade A Long-Term Contract

Mobile phone companies offer money off or discounts on new phones only after you lock into a 2-year contract. Even now, several companies are adding programs that won’t even give you the off or discount on a new phone. They’re just dividing the whole cost of a new mobile phone into lesser payment installments that will be added to your monthly bill. Is that supposed to be a great deal? Evade all those additional payments and hassles with a used phone! A refurbished or used phone doesn’t equate an ‘old’ brick phone without smart phone capabilities. It only means a newer model has arrived with some modifications. Since when is something that’s less than 14 months deemed old? Hardly ever! Be a smart shopper and buy used for a good deal on a cell phone. Dubailist.com has best deals, come shop today!

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