Although B2B e-commerce is regarded to be an old concept, there is definitely noticed some lag in its adoption rate. Organizations in huge numbers can benefit immensely by adopting the B2B e-commerce platform. Few tips are to be considered before actually implementing the same.

About eCommerce marketing

E-commerce, at its core, is said to mean easily available, configurable and comparable services and products. With contract renewals, price quotes and comparisons readily available, plenty of new opportunities can be availed by organizations for initiating the purchasing process. No longer are business consumers required to wait. Rather, they can research on their required services and products without any hassle. Their sales team now can get information readily available.

Use Images to Benefit the Business

The picture does say a lot, however, lacking product images may mean losing a sale! Having the right images, the purchasing process of the business offers dynamic shopping experience. Using video, CAD integration, and images, B2B e-commerce does allow new dimension, when product evaluation is concerned.

Benefits of eCommerce Marketing

New sales opportunities can be increased manifolds by including e-commerce functionality. Even existing clients can benefit from it. Customized profiles are allowed by B2B e-commerce, which when logged in offers clients with the recommended products, contract renewal options and re-ordering at a click of the button. By ensuring better pricing, fabulous discounts and admin abilities that are easy to be updated, it becomes possible to stay in touch with the customer profiles. This also makes sure that they come back again for more.

B2B sales experience can be termed to be an interaction that takes place between more than two organizations involving services and products. It is necessary to have excellent B2B sales experience, since it helps to determine if the customer would be loyal to a particular supplier or not.

Enhanced functionality

B2B e-commerce should function effectively for both organizations and its customers. It should allow multi-currency and numerous payment options, including integration of CRM and ERP systems. When the organization is ready to include e-commerce to its business, they should try to avoid developing a barrier between the sales representatives and their customers. A new platform is to be created for the customers with e-commerce. Furthermore, the sales team needs to stay connected. To achieve this, bios, pictures as well as click to dial functionality is to be included into the client portals for allowing them to be in touch with the representatives.

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