Ease Of Use

Possibly, the most significant thing to look for in a B2B eCommerce platform, usability is necessary for a triumphant B2B eCommerce rollout. Due to the difficulty of B2B transactions, B2B eCommerce solutions comprise a lot of advanced functionality not provided by more typical B2C eCommerce experiences. Delivering those highly developed features while remaining as simple to use as a B2C site is crucial, especially when you’re endeavoring to change the status quo and get your customers to retreat from the conservative phone, fax, and email ordering.

A Personalized Experience

As stated briefly above, offering your retailers with an online experience customized to their needs is key. For example, does your B2B eCommerce solution permit you to show customer-specific pricing? Are there catalog visibility controls that permit you to display your customers only the products germane to them?

Mobile Access

We are all more reliant on our mobile devices than ever before. Providing customers the ability to not simply order from their computer, but also their tablet or smartphone let them order online on the go or whereas in the aisles of their store. In short, seek for an eCommerce platform that presents an integrated mobile application. You can also prioritize looking for an app that lets access to the device’s camera in order to scan barcodes.

Inventory Availability

Whereas stock information is often restricted to a just ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’ message, the best eCommerce platforms for B2B must have robust inventory data easy to get to customers. This not just lets customers place their orders more strategically, it also precludes pricey backorders. This kind of tracking is generally achieved through an integration with your backend ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Ability To Duplicate Past Orders

With your customers’ probable placing frequently reorders from you, it’s significant to provide them the ability to facsimile (and subsequently modify if required) past orders. When your customers are finalizing their online orders, it is also vital to comprise the details at sign out, comprising payment terms, cancel dates, ship via information, ship dates, and any customer-specific promotions.

Order Notes & Seller Review

The thing to keep in mind about B2B orders is that they are a discussion. Providing customers the ability to make notes at an item level to ask inquiries about an order, and then in turn giving sales reps the ability to review and corroborate an order before it is finalized can enable these buyer-seller tête-à-tête. This gives sales reps the opportunity to answer inquiries about products, make notes about shipping preferences on sure parts of the order, and upsell new items.

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