is a web-based B2B ecommerce marketplace dais for Wholesale Buying as well as Selling. Designed & developed specifically for this trade, makes wholesale buying and selling more planned, faster and simpler. As a dais, we facilitate you to bring your wholesale business online. We take care of all the stresses of b2b eCommerce. You simply focus on business. Whether you are a Wholesale Buyer/Seller, you can involve in the business on the platform with absolute trust and faith.

If you are a brand owner, an entrepreneur, a manufacturer, importer or wholesale distributor of other brands, then you will get pleasure from the huge reach that we bring to you to help you escalate your business. If you are a retailer, you can enjoy the advantage of an unparalleled selection at unmatched prices.


Dubailist facilitates manufacturers, importers, brand owners or wholesale distributors in reaching out to a huge audience all over the country at practically zero cost. What’s more our exclusive as well as innovative features help you run your existing business more adeptly and yet form new partnerships? Being a performance based podium you only pay when you vend, buy highly qualified leads or purchase any of our customized promotional packages.

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WHY BUY? – one of the leading wholesale stores in UAE helps you get a right of entry to a huge selection at unmatched prices from thousands of sellers across the country along with sturdy logistics support. The online B2B platform helps you stay informed with new & latest products in the market and get the best pricing through our creative features as well as algorithms. You might be a shop owner or a cost cognizant consumer who is willing to purchase in bulk, with Dubailist you no longer require to make those tiresome trips to wholesale markets.

Benefits to Sellers

  • Higher margin by direct selling
  • Platform trust for seller protection
  • Multiplied reach to millions of retailers in the markets
  • Upfront payment from buyers, your payment is assured
  • Speedy, prompt and easy way to upload catalog with wholesale relevant features
  • Innovative tools to manage your current business more effectively, at zero cost to you
  • Highly effective as well as innovative promotional tools to promote your products amongst germane audience in a competitive market

Benefits to Buyers

  • Real-time discovery of obtainable products in the market
  • Purchase directly from source from anywhere in the country
  • Payment security, your money is not transferred to the seller unless the goods reach you safe and sound. We, as a platform, hold the money till the transaction is finished.
  • Platform trust for buyer safety with absolute eCommerce experience
  • Ratings as well as reviews for market feedback

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