In this era, we comprehend the fact that how significant quality content is for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s what the search engines ‘see’ and use to determine web page rank at online platform. Whereas business-to-business portal owners know this, many are making the mistake of having a narrow emphasize to SEO content creation and merely targeting prospects that are at the bottom of the sales funnel.

B2B wholesale decisions take little time, sometimes months or even years. A company isn’t going to invest bucks on an online product/ service without doing their research. The research stage is the top of the funnel, which doesn’t always obtain the attention it deserves when it comes to SEO content creation because a company doesn’t wish to ‘waste’ it’s time on informational searches that don’t always translate into sales. The difficulty with that considering is that the search may not translate into a sale instantaneously, but it could down the line. Whereas it’s correct that general, broad type keywords are more competitive, this is actually where you need to first capture the interest of a prospective customer or client.

It may take a time to generate traffic from broad, information-based keyword searches, but it’s vital to keep in mind that it’s a long-term method. And in the short-term, there are several other ways to get eyes on the quality content you are developing. All of this quality, evergreen content must be shared in social media, another significant place in which prospective clients/ customers are doing their research.

As companies are conducting their proper research and learn more about the e-commerce products/services/industry, their keyword searches are going to change. As they shift through the sales funnel, it’s essential to develop content that matches their new intent. At this point, it makes sense to introduce more transactional keywords/content for the prospective clients or customers that are getting prepared to take action. Content targeting industry jargons or long tail keywords make more sense the further through the sales funnel the prospect is.

Whereas the bottom of the sales funnel is a top priority, since it’s where people are most likely to pull the trigger, the top of the funnel can’t be neglected. The problem with focusing merely on the bottom of the funnel is that you missed an imperative introductory period. Creating content that is emphasized on the top of the sales funnel is the first step towards a relationship, and eventually trust. If your content is just geared towards those at the bottom of the funnel, you’re missing a chance to fill the funnel by developing content that targets those at the top.

A B2B SEO program must include quality content that appeals to prospects at every slice of the sales cycle. This makes sure that your company could be a part of their entire research voyage and be top of mind when it comes time to make the final decision.

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