Wholesale traders don’t have to cross steaming desert lands on camels loaded with goods to shake hands on a deal in this current economic climate. They can reach the global million dollar buyer base from the comfort of their offices aided by a giant online marketplace. The choice to move your trading grounds online, using platforms such as Alibaba has already shown tremendous results to many b2b suppliers. Suppliers find it hard to ignore the steep growth in revenues as well as the new and loyal buyer base the organisations using these platforms enjoy.

However, despite the global nature of the portal, it worked best only for the Chinese suppliers and their local buyers. Sourcing from China as well as supplying backwards revealed a lot of language, quality and shipping issues that can hardly accelerate the import/export business.
Dubailist vs Alibaba

These drawbacks inspired Arab entrepreneurs to improve on Alibaba’s version for the Middle East. Consequently, Dubailist.com has positioned its business model as UAE’s number 1 B2B marketplace.

How Dubailist Outstrips Alibaba within the MENA Region

  • Geographical advantage – lower fees and faster operations. Pioneering the b2b online business portal operations from the UAE, Dubailist gives you access to the region’s successful corporations who could be your potential customers. Being in the same region, the potential to save on logistical costs such as transportation, duty and time are some of many reasons businesses could be tempted to do long term business with you.
  • Limited language and cultural barriers. An improvement from its elder brother Alibaba, Dubailist’s trusted business platform connects your business with its B2B customer base, without any language and cultural differences. That was only an advantage for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers when you trade on Alibaba. You can now supply your goods and grow a loyal buyer base from within the region without having to compromise on the perks available at Alibaba.com.
  • Let your region know you! Businesses are generally in need of awareness no matter how big the brand name is. Being listed in Dubailist, the most-visited portal in UAE, you get your wholesale business introduced to the biggest number of local companies operating in all sectors of the economy: industrial and auto parts, electronics, construction, telecom, advertising, plastics & chemicals, sports, healthcare, agriculture, and many others. Whether you are an auto parts supplier or a manufacturer of hotel supplies, Dubailist is the recommended platform to display a seller store for your niche audience.
  • Advanced functionalities that boost your deals. Dubailist implements what Alibaba has omitted! Membership of Dubailist gives you access to new and useful functions that would ease and secure your deals: the brand name finder, real-time translation, digital and other media advertising campaigns, valet listing service, sales team management system, just to name but a few.

Dubailist is the community to join if you want to sell in bulk and avoid hassle. Setting up your company’s web store on Dubailist.com, you could benefit from what other platforms like Alibaba offer but with regional perks. Today, you can trade inside your country and the region leveraging premium online marketplace tools that help you grow and monetize loyal buyers and keep them constantly engaged through media campaigns.

The time to join is now!!

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