Are you lured by the huge profits that B2B e-commerce has been providing? Interested to be part of this huge emerging market! But you need to understand that B2B is bit more complex when compared to B2C. Before getting into a B2B venture, you need to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the issues involved. There are sites and blogs which can offer the guide for B2B e-commerce entrepreneur. Such guides can prove to be useful for you to understand the underlying issues, what actually works and what does not, to create a realistic and proper roadmap to launch successful e-commerce ventures.

Essential guide for B2B e-commerce entrepreneur

B2B is definitely different from that of B2C. Hence, its dynamics is different from that of the consumer market. Understanding the psyche of B2B customers is of utmost importance for mastering the B2B market. You are also required to come up with an e-commerce engine which enjoys ready acceptability via business-friendly features.

Your initial challenge as a B2B e-commerce businessman would be to develop a software platform. Besides having offline B2B trading features, it also needs to be economic and efficient. You should avoid B2C packages such as Openkart, Magneto. You may start easily but would not go far in your ventures.

  • Drawing specifications for the B2B transaction engine: You need to know friendly features of your proposed B2B e-commerce platform. Analyzing the B2B market characteristics and mapping consequent impact upon business design can help you to draw a set of specifications that can be utilized for designing the e-commerce transaction engine.
  • Enjoying success in the marketplace: It is high traction, where businesses in large numbers are lured. Different marketing strategies can be used. A wonderful solution to retain customers is to develop lasting values.
    • Price: B2B buyers purchase for resale or organizational use. The more competitive pricing structure is to be developed for making the marketplace successful.
    • Safety: Buyer protection program, online secured transactions, easy returns and others when created can help instill sufficient confident in the minds of the potential buyers.
    • Values: Some values that you should strive to offer are trouble free online credit, different types of payment collection facilities, logistics support, etc.
  • Selling strategy – Seller’s or Buyer’s – Which side: Are you eager to solve the selling issues of sellers or sourcing issues of buyers?
  • Marketing strategy: With B2B market being a huge market when compared to B2C and still growing at a fast pace, you is required to understand the various segments of the heterogeneous market. Accordingly, you should devise a marketing strategy.

This way, by following the above guide for B2B e-commerce entrepreneur, you can start and develop a successful venture.

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