Lead generation has never been more significant for B2B businesses. That’s because it’s never been simpler for top B2B customers to make the move to other companies, and that puts extraordinary stress on any company to sustain and keep a constant pipeline of new leads.

According to the latest figures, for instance, around 29% of B2B customers are really involved with the companies they do business with. That means that a majority – slightly more than 70% – are willing to walk out the door every year if there’s sufficient reason to move.

So what can you do actually to generate more leads and keep your customer pipeline full? Here are few important tips to generate more B2B leads – and keep the ones you already have.

Construct Customer Personas

You have to really comprehend your chief customers as people, not merely as ‘accounts’. You need to know what makes them tick, what their penchants are, and why they act in certain ways. The simple way to do this is by creating customer personas that depict the demographic as well as psychographic backgrounds of your best customers. When you comprehend them as people, you will be better able to meet their exact needs – as well as understand the right types of ‘hot leads’ who can become prospective customers. It may just turn out your best customers have very diverse needs and interests than originally supposed.

Align Your Marketing And Sales Operations

If the sales and marketing teams don’t have a great working relationship, you could be missing out on a key opportunity to known and comprehend the full customer lifecycle. In a best-case scenario, any feedback or comment from the sales team will make its way back to the marketing team, and any insights about the customer from the marketing team will be a slice of the hand-off between the two teams. That’s why it’s essential to align the sales and marketing teams – it’s the best way to close the loop and construct a positive feedback mechanism.

Boost Your Social Listening Presence

Today social media for business can be a goldmine of information about prospects as well as customers. The key is not merely broadcasting out your own marketing messages, but also listening to what these customers and prospects have to say. ‘Social listening’ refers to the time spent going onto platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter Google Plus, and Facebook and seeing what prospects and customers are saying about your products and services.

Take A Detailed Look At Your Data

Most successful B2B companies have a very efficient way of scoring prospects and qualifying leads. Hypothetically, this makes it simpler to comprehend who is likely to become a customer, and who is not. So if you find that the ‘hot leads’ are not so ‘hot’ after all, it might be time to re-visit your scoring system. It might turn out, for instance, that you are only using demographic data (geographic location, age, gender) to score leads and not other types of data that may be in your company’s CRM (customer relationship management) system.

By keeping all above tips in mind, you’ll open up amazing latest opportunities when it comes to B2B (business-to-business) lead generation. And the new leads you have, the more sales you will eventually make. Who can argue with that?

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