In today’s world, B2B market is fast emerging to be a highly dynamic field. There is a need for marketers to operate in a framework filled with new challenges, technologies, and responsibilities. Customers are also empowered because of being provided with information and pricing easily and consistently. Online research is being done by about 74% of the buyers. Hence, it has become important for the sellers to understand the different challenges in b2b marketing and to raise their bar. Only then can they be above the competition and enjoy success in their respective field.

Get to know the customer’s journey

One basic fundamental of marketing is to understand the customer. With the customer’s journey being well defined, it becomes essential to identify the various points involved in the journey, where processes fail and expectations not met. Also, pleasure points of the customer are to be identified to help business exceed their expectations. This begins with understanding the customer and striving to make deals and offers with something not possible at various journey points.

  • Marketing to connect with customers constantly:

    Customers do have good access to information. Hence, B2B marketing executives understanding the challenges in b2b marketing should revise their existing marketing strategies.

  • CMOs being under continuous pressure for delivering revenue:

    Marketers are required to change organizations to revenue driver from cost center. Chief Marketing Officers are to be well prepared for proving total market revenue contribution. However, over 90% of the marketers are noticed not to be adequately trained in marketing ROI and marketing performance. Pressure is placed on CMOs by their CEOs for generating increased client demand for services and products rendered by the organization.

  • Skill and technology gap:

    It is necessary for the marketers to currently have the existing gap to be bridged, between what they are to perform and what they previously did. The right people having the most appropriate skill set are to be hired by the modern marketing B2B business establishments. Also, there is needed updated knowledge and technological skills for any professional marketing operation team to enjoy immense success.

  • Mobile marketing and its significance:

    Currently, mobile internet access is said to enjoy increasing popularity when compared to fixed internet access. It is possible for B2B buyers to get their favorite items at any time and from any place. Hence, mobile solutions are to be developed by organizations that can work on any device, anytime and anywhere.

The above are few of the challenges in b2b marketing that is witnessed today. Facing such challenges head-on can help the business to get the best results.

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