business dealings

Over 70% of the modern day business dealings are covered by the eCommerce arena. A key factor being the number of cross boundary trading most organisation relies on.

The traditional shopping experience consisted of a touch and feel of the product. Once considered an integral part of the buying journey, that has now seem to banish for the comfort of doing business online. The studies show an increment year on year where the B2B sector has grown online.

Some old business habits never die. Mediation between two parties being one of the most common traits. A study carried out by team Dubailist evidently pointed out that one element that a business transaction is missing out on compared to the conventional business dealing is the possibility of a negotiation.

A deal is a lot sweeter when you’re in for a negotiation. Say no to missing out on business negotiations whether you are buying or selling. Try out the “Negotiate” feature only at


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