While selling online, it is vital to write eye-catching product descriptions in order to get exposure for the buyers. No matter how best your product actually is, you have to make it look good on eCommerce stores or websites for bumping up your sales. Some of the important things on which you need to pay attention, in order to enhance the quality of your online products, are:

Product Name 

The product name is significant and it must go perfectly with the product. Try to reveal main details about the product in the product name. The focal function of a product could also be incorporated in the name. A perfect product name will help the buyer in searching your product easily. Incorporate brand name, industry standard, product series, and other related information. For instance, HP pavilion 14 RO59TU i-core 3 laptop is an enhanced name then HP pavilion laptop as it is more specified.


Product related keywords will permit the buyers to catch your products through search engines. Product keyword is essentially the phrase or words that the buyer will enter while finding for your product or company. Try to use famous words frequently searched by the people. It is better to incorporate product name in your product keyword.

Product Category

Perfect selection of product category is indispensable. The product must be sited in the category where the buyer will find for it and the sub-category must also be selected accordingly. It will boost your product visibility. For instance, if you are posting a product i.e. a desktop on Dubailist.com, then you should select laptops and computers as the main category and desktops as a subcategory. It will certainly help the buyer to reach your product without difficulty.


Product features play a vital role in the buying decision of a buyer. So, product features must be informative as well as persuade. For instance, if you are selling Bed Linen then the features can be:

  • Appealing and Attractive Looks
  • Trendy and Washable
  • Fantastic Comfort
  • Easy to Handle for a Perfect Finish
  • Ready for Industrial Laundering

Product Details

Present complete product details comprising physical, chemical or mechanical specification of the product. For example, if you are selling mobile phones than software, color, model name, processor, etc will come under product details.

Product Navigation

Catalog the products according to their color, size, price range, etc. For instance, if you are selling Food Machinery, then the buyer can categorize or simply navigate to the type of product he actually wants. The buyer can choose the preferred color, size, price range, etc., to filter the products according to his requirements.


Other details like guarantee & warranty terms, return policies, delivery and payment terms, etc., must also be mentioned.

These product information will build a sense of credibility among the buyers and will direct to better online sales. Detailed, as well as relevant product information, will increase buyer’s confidence over the product quality. Do you agree? Express your views in the below comment box.  Share what convince or influence you to buy a product online.

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