With mobile technology, ubiquitous email, and a deluge of content, your leads are more well-informed than ever about their choices. Their decision-making procedure is organized too, and by the time they contact you, they might already be miles into their buying voyage. B2B businesses should continue with the accelerated pace their leads have set. In other words, you not merely need to locate the right customer, but you also have to trap that lead at the right time with your message.

Providentially, marketing technology now allows you to look in on your leads and find out how sales-ready they are – but only if you understand enough about them. To know and comprehend when it’s the right time to approach your leads with content or calls to action, you first need to determine who they are and when they got there.

Find The Right Lead For Your Message

Marketers invest a great deal of time as well as creative energy to shape the right message for their leads, but it’s merely as significant to find the right leads for a message. Price per lead in B2B sectors can run exponentially higher than it does for their B2C counterparts. It’s necessary, then, to target the most sales-ready leads with exactness and accuracy whereas developing promising leads’ interest and willingness through nurture programs. To get a better manage on your leads, it’s beneficial to look at the data that represents them.

First-party data encompasses everything your lead has volunteered through filling out answering surveys, subscription forms, requesting information, making purchases, and other direct interactions with you. It also includes all the data you gather and store internally, such as site visit data, download information, and service records in your customer relationship management (CRM). What leads tell you about them directly is essential information, but it’s merely a slice of the story. To learn more, you have to put the information in context with third-party data.

Third-party data mainly comes from external sources and comprises of everything from third-party mailing lists to relational database access used to confirm and improve the information you have on leads. With it, you can find out details about your prospects that will facilitate you meet their needs at exactly the right time. For instance, your transactional records may not involve an email address, but data enrichment can retrieve that for you and coalesce it with a lead’s first-party behavioral data to let you email a special offer when your prospect’s most prepared to learn about it.

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Right-Time Marketing

In a marketer’s ideal world, every marketing message sent would reach prospects precisely when they’re most receptive. With data enrichment, you can come far closer to that perfect by learning more about your leads’ demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data. With buying histories accessible, you and your database management team can build a timeline for leads’ past purchases and learn to identify the signals they send. If your lead’s normal buying cycle is historically 6 to 9 months long, and she’s visited your site with rising frequency over the past quarter, it’s perhaps time for middle-of-funnel CTAs as well as content.

Enhancing Analytics

Data enrichment does more than fill in the blanks on prospects’ records. It can also give you a big-picture outlook of what your leads’ buying signals mean. If you find out, for example, that around 68% of leads in your industry go through manifold layers of approval before buying, you may step up your publication schedule for case studies and white papers as these types of content give prospective buyers something concrete to share with other decision-makers.

Reaching the right customers at the right time becomes simpler when you have an idea of the alleyways they take on their individual buying voyages. Data enrichment plays a chief role in giving you this insight. It isn’t fairly a crystal ball, but it’s a thorough roadmap, and that’s sufficient to let you guide your leads better.

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