Tips choosing WAP device

She: Enough is enough

He: Are we breaking up?

She: Sorry, It’s not you.  It’s your connection!

Is your Wi-Fi connection getting in the way of your life? More on how to find the solution….

Fast, Reliable Connectivity

We live in a society where your internet connections determine where you live, how you work, your social gatherings and many other decisions on a daily basis. The internet has become such an integral part of our lives we tend to rely our dear lives upon it. Whether it is a college student’s assignment or a major work project of an executive employee, they are all expected to be completed and submitted online.

On average every household or work offices runs on a single main wireless device. Although the modern day usage can vary from real-time multimedia streaming, VoIP communications and home automation which can all weaken the strength of the signal some tend to use multiple access points for a faster and wider connectivity. The variety the current market offers for a WAP device can complicate the process of choosing the right one for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing a WAP device.

  • Features
    Although there are many features they might not all be what you need, therefore be selective with what covers your needs. A bit of research into the devices you use and their internet usage might come in handy. Bits per second (BPS) and range (distance covered) are two most important factors. A good mix of the two can almost certainly be the right option in case you are not too sure. The smart features built into some of the new units could help you update and upgrade easily.
  • Range
    Adequate amount of range could vary based on the need. Most enterprise wireless LANs should support an area between 5000 and 10,000 square feet.
  • Speed
    Generally measured in BPS (bits per second), Kilo-bits, megabits or gigabits this is a measure of the speed of information travelling. Global average speed of connectivity has increased by 20% to 4.5Mbps compared to 2015 and UAE with an average speed of 5.7 Mbps sits above the average speed. Therefore look for a WAP which could support that speed.
  • Price
    The price would depend on all the 3 factors mentioned above. Naturally the most expensive products should high up the chats in comparison.

Now there are number of new devices which are more powerful which can support a wider area avoiding the need for multiple access points. A number of rating scales are used by different organisations to measure the top brands and models nevertheless be sure to find the right wireless access points based just on your needs. It would be wise to checkout some of the feedback and reviews from a few products before you make your final decision.

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