Mr. Smith, one of the online sellers of ladies clutches and handbags, botched to get sufficient customers even after spending thousands of bucks on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other parallel online practices. This is not alone the case with Mr. Smith, but almost all the businesses or companies who have an online site, do so many efforts and spend a huge amount of money for bringing more and more traffic to their websites. Some of those expensive, traffic driving efforts comprise of online advertisements, SEO, blogs, Adwords (PPC), social media activities, articles and other content related practices. But the whole cost of attracting visitors to your website gets squandered if your conversion rate is zilch or low.

In order to make higher Return of Investment (ROI) of the money you invest on bringing visitors to your website, you have to do Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is simple the way or method through which one could convert a landing page or site visitor into a customer. CRO is very important for online businesses.

Here are some of the methods through which you could convert your online visitors into customers:

Add Testimonials to Your Website

Incorporating testimonials to your site is the simplest method of growing your conversion rate. When the visitor reads the reviews given by the ex-customers, it helps a lot in generating an utmost confidence and convinces the visitor to become a customer.

Show Credibility with Relevant Information

Try to present maximum details and information about your business, products, production techniques, clients, etc., it will facilitate in building a sense of readability among the visitors. One of the great ways of showing honesty is to give an alternative of online chat or giving complete contact details to the visitors.

Use the Herd Mentality

People have a tendency to do things which others are doing. Show the visitor how other people are purchasing or using your products or services. For instance, screening updates like two other people are also looking at this product now or 7-8 people bought this product in last 24 hours, etc. This will assist you in growing the conversion rate to a great extent.

Display the Logos of your Clients

Exhibit the logo of major clients on the homepage of your website. Logos of bigger and high-profile companies will definitely help to enhance your image as a seller on the visitor’s mind and will persuade his buying decision largely.

Offer Assurances

Try to give assurances on your products, this will increase the buyer’s confidence as well as make sure higher online sales.

Follow these few tips and generate a good amount of business from your website. If you know some other or different methods of converting online visitors into customers, please do share with us in the comment.

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