As everyone knows the digital industry is in incessant change, there is a perpetual pressure on marketers to always stay advanced with the latest developments as well as product launches.

The demand for digital marketers has never been bigger; hitherto the digital skills gap has never been wider. This inconsistency can provide you with a best opportunity to show your value and competency – you merely need to ensure you’ve reinforced the right skills. If you wish to set yourself apart from the competition and set up yourself as an in-demand marketing professional, you need to understand which capabilities count. That’s why; we have prepared this list of the most important digital marketing skills for 2017.


In the year 2017, the most significant skill you need in digital marketing is ‘Data Analysis’. Just because the growing importance as well as the profusion of customer data (which will mount more copious as a result of the Internet of Things), digital marketing experts should feel at home with the metrics, measurement, and analysis of data.

Data-analysis know-how gives permission to the marketers to respond the most momentous question: Is this working? As a result of more aimed as well as successful marketing campaigns, improved customer personas, enhanced customization capabilities, diminished bounce rates, and higher customer retention among several other advantages.

Just put, if businesses actually desire their digital marketing crews to be effective and to create more and more leads in 2017, they should hire digital marketing specialists who are proficient in data analysis.

Excellent Content Marketing

In the recent years, the content marketing has swiftly become a rock layer of marketing strategy. It is very important to your target audience that you should develop high-quality content about subjects —thus, content they wish to involve with—facilitates your business to pull in audiences as well as customers instead of your having to push out spam messages and advertising that they’ve learned to block or disregard.

If you wish to increase traffic to your website and also desire to improve organic search engine rankings for your business, it is essential that you must hire digital marketers with good content marketing as well as writing skills—which, of course, results in more leads.

Advanced Marketing Automation

With the emergence of latest marketing automation solutions, B2B businesses demand best industry’s experts who have profound knowledge as well as experience to navigate several platforms.

Nowadays, e-commerce wholesale businesses are considering to rely more on automation just because it makes easy for their digital marketing teams to do best work in much less time, all whereas making the company money. Content marketing strategy, automated emails, and social media campaigns generate more leads and do better sales.

Furthermore, digital marketing teams must be proficient in a number of marketing automation solutions merely to acquire several benefits offered by the technologies. Also, the technologies vary, so it’s decisive to have digital marketing professionals who are expert in the automation tools being used by the business.

Marketers With HTML/CSS Skills

Few years of experience and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is one more important digital marketing skill for 2017. Of course, you don’t need your marketing team to be capable of developing a website from scratch, but having marketers on your team with basic coding skills will definitely facilitate your business present messages more obviously through visual design—an essential slice of digital marketing.

If marketers have knowledge of CSS or HTML then they will be able to update and enhance the design and look of everything start from your landing pages to your email marketing campaigns, making them more efficient lead generation channels that direct to more sales.

Search Engine Optimization

At last, search engine optimization (SEO) skills wind up the list of the most significant digital marketing skills for 2017. If you really wish that your products, apps, content and website will find good rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) and net more customers then you should definitely have marketers accomplished in SEO.

As in 2017, search engines become smarter and their algorithms keep on undergoing updates, the value of SEO skills for digital marketing experts is expected to multiply drastically.

Moreover, having a skilled and trained marketing team with up-to-date search engine optimization skills will prove invaluable. Getting higher search engine rankings for your website as well as your wholesale products & service pages results in greater audience reach, more traffic, and more leads & sales.

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