Marketing is a significant factor of building as well as maintaining the corporate image of a company. You need to convince as many customers as possible through your marketing tactics. There are several marketing tools which you can apply to market your company, comprising of advertising, digital marketing, social media promotions, etc. Trade fairs are also one of the superb marketing tools which can facilitate you in promoting your business. Trade fairs are mainly the exhibitions where companies related to a particular realm, exhibit their products, do corporate communication and make sure branding and development of their businesses.

Some of the interesting facts about trade fairs:

  • Trade shows are generally visited by the people who actually have the intention to make a purchase. Approximately 81% of the visitors are the prospective consumers.
  • Nearly 67 percent of all attendees represent a new outlook for showcasing companies. This means that trade shows are always rich in fresh business targets.
  • Around 45% of attendees visit merely one exhibition per year – so when you exhibit at a show, you will find exceptional and unique prospects there that you can’t reach other trade shows.
  • About 92 percent of trade show attendees are seeking for latest products – this number has not changed in 25 years!!!! Proving the constant value of exhibitions.
  • Eighty-four percent of exhibitors say that ‘high quality of attendees is the most significant factor when coming to a decision whether to exhibit or expand stand size’.

These facts make sure that Trade shows facilitate in obtaining new buyers and also leave a long-lasting impact on the attendees.

Famous Trade Shows:

Some of the famous Trade shows around the world includes:

  • Canton Fair China
  • Magic Market Week
  • Gulfood (Food Trade Show)
  • American International Toy Fair
  • Designer and Agents (Famous Fashion Trade Show)
  • ITB Berlin (World’s Largest Travel Trade Show)

Why One Should Participate In Trade Shows?

  • As the majority of people visit trade shows to know and understand what is New in the market. So trade shows are best places to launch your new products as well as services.
  • As a buyer, you can get hundreds of vendors underneath a single roof. You can take a look at offerings made by different sellers and pick the best.
  • Trade fairs diminish the cost of face-to-face presentation. A buyer even meets five vendors on a day, the expense of traveling and the time consumption will be high. But in a trade show, he can converse to at least 30-35 vendors without spending much money.
  • Multiplies the visibility of your brand.
  • Promotes your company’s corporate image.

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